Best task chairs for any budget

Are you looking to redesign your office, or help yourself to become more productive?  Well look no further! I have some tips and the best chairs that you can find in your price range.  Whether you’re a student or an executive there is something for everyone.

Look for something that has armrests to alleviate pressure on your neck and shoulders, lumbar support if you’re sitting for longer periods, swivel options, and comfortable seat material..

Let’s start off in the lower price range. While you may want the moon when you’re starting out it’s important to get the most for your money to make every dollar count.  There are some amazing deals out there, and some great chairs in this price point.

$50 – $100

You may think that you can’t get a stylish and comfortable chair in this price point but you’d be dead wrong.  There are many, many options so I’ve done the research for you.

This chair is in the Top 20 chairs and Amazon, and for the price, well it can’t be beat! Boss Office offers this chair in 4 colors to suit your style.  It has built in lumbar support, adjustable back depth, and a waterfall seat which reduces the stress on your legs.  Amazon customers (952 customers) have given this one 4 ½ stars ⭐ so at just $74

The number 2 Amazon seller is a great deal.  Flash Furniture coming in at $95.00 it offers padded seating, swivel motion, flip-up arms, and a sleek black design.

Next we have Wohomo which offers their selection in 3 colors : black, pink, and purple.  This choice is a mid-back office chair that is breathable and offers back support and durability and right now it’s on sale on Amazon for 40% off.  Regular price $125.99— on sale for $69.99

Moving on — $100- $300 price point

AmazonBasics offering is a great deal at just $109.99.  It comes in black and brown and has a padded seat with height adjustment, swivel feature and padded seat for all day support.  Not to mention it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Staples Hyken Chair comes in at $239.99 right now (it’s currently 60% off). It has 3D armrests, lumbar support, adjustable height, and a padded breathable material.

$300 – $500 price point

Temperpedic TP8000 is mesh with adjustable seat and height, and width adjustable arms.  It has a 5 ⭐ rating on Amazon and at $319.53 it’s sure to be a great purchase.

The Things you Need to Look for in a Home Office Chair

When looking for a home office chair there are many things to consider.  Here are some of the most important things to think about in your search, referenced on

Adjustable height

Having an adjustable height is extremely important as you will be spending a lot of time in your office.  As you may want to share this chair with a partner or family member it is necessary to have a versatile chair that can change as needed.  Find a chair that is adjustable enough so you can place your feet on the floor while working.

Swivel option

A movable chair will allow you to remain comfortable while moving around with ease.  This should be an easy motion and should drastically increase your productiveness.

Suitable armrests

Armrests are a MUST!  They will keep your arms in a proper position for typing and offer comfort if working for longer periods.  Armrests will help to alleviate strain on your neck and shoulders.

Seat height

Choose a chair with an adjustable height that will allow you to place your feet comfortably flat on the floor.

Lumbar support

This is a crucial part in choosing the right chair for you. Lumbar support will help you immensely as you work from home.  Your chair should offer lower back support to alleviate strain and help you work more productively in comfort.

Seat material

Above all else the seat material and makeup are super important.  You’ll want to choose a breathable material that is comfortable to sit on for extended periods.  A breathable cloth surface is a great option to look into.  The seat should also offer some padding for those days when you work from home.


Above all else comfort is key.  If your chair is uncomfortable to you, you will be less likely to use it.  Try it test out chairs before you buy if at all possible.  Many retailers such as Staples have an extensive set-up of office chairs in their stores for you to try.  If you work from home often than comfort above all else should be your #1 priority.


Today is the age of technology you no longer have to rely on just the physical stores in your area,  you can also consider websites to find exactly what you’re looking for.  There are options for almost every price point ranging from $50 into the thousands of dollars, so don’t be afraid to shop around.

Warning to Men: Hot Tubs Really Will Damage Your Fertility

The uses of a hot tub range from therapeutic to romantic and while all of this seems innocent enough, it turns out that the combination of warm water and a man’s testicles is a really bad idea.

The reason for this might not be obvious at first but it all comes down to the way men have been designed. First of all, sperm production occurs in the testicles which hang from the body. As it turns out, in order for sperm-producing cells to function properly they need to be several degrees cooler than body temperature.

If their temperature were to reach body heat levels or higher for just a few minutes, sperm production would temporarily switch off.

It’s fascinating if we consider the way testicles maintain a constant temperature. The scrotum is lined with heat-sensitive muscles which, in warmer situations, cause the muscles to relax and extend, allowing the testicles to hang further away from the body. In cold weather and especially cold water, the muscles tighten which draw the testicles closer to the body for additional heat.

We can now see the problem created by hot tubs. Soaking in hot water makes it impossible for the testicles to regulate their temperature and with that comes the cost of stunted sperm production as well as possibly harming the sperm that’s already been produced.

So while it may seem very relaxing and enjoyable spending some time in warm water, the consequence is a dramatically lowered ability to conceive a child.

According to a three-year study which analyzed the sperm of 11 men who were regularly exposed to wet heat, five of them responded favorably to completely avoiding wet heat for three or more months. After three to six months their average total motile sperm counts increased by 491% which basically means their sperm were much more active than their heat-affected versions.

You might be wondering why the other six patients in the study didn’t see the same positive results. It was found that five of them were chronic tobacco users with an extensive history of smoking compared to the group of responders where only three of those men smoked occasionally.

In this particular study “wet heat exposure” was outlined as completely submerging the body in a heated Jacuzzi, inflatable hot tub or a bath set to a warmer-than-body-heat temperature for at least 30 minutes per week for at least three months before participating in the study.

The only other study to also investigate the correlation between wet heat and infertility was conducted in 1965. In it, 20 men were subjected to direct scrotal wet heat in sessions lasting 30 minutes across six alternating days. Although no specifics relating to sperm quality were documented before or after the study, findings were conclusive in showing a temporary reduction in sperm production.

The time it takes an individual to be negatively impacted by wet heat exposure and the degree of impact will vary but to those considering becoming a father in the near future should definitely stay away from hot tubs, Jacuzzis and baths for the time being.

Having said that, it should be noted that taking a shower instead of a bath shouldn’t be cause for concern.

How to Kill Mildew on a Mattress

Whenever you come home from tiring day at work, you will definitely want to throw yourself on your bed right away. Our bed is the best place to let go of the fatigue but it would be uncomfortable to throw yourself on a mattress with so many mildew and unpleasant smell. It’s time to get rid of the mildew and the musty smell. Here are some tips on how to kill mildew on a mattress:

  • One of the most basic things you can do is to put your mattress under the sunlight as the sun rays will kill the mildew and would remove the bad smells right away. Let your mattress out until it dries off completely and don’t forget to turn to the other side as well.
  • However, not everyday is a sunny day and you need to get rid of the mildew right away, hence, do turn on your heater and keep the fan on to dry off the mattress. Not to forget, open your window and let the mildew and the smell off. You can also turn on your dehumidifier to remove the excess humidity
  • It is important for you to vacuum your mattress especially on the surface. It is the easiest step of all. Take out your vacuum, start getting rid of the mildew by vacuuming your mattress. As mildew can spread through your vacuum, ensure that you throw out the your vacuum’s bag.
  • Do you know that baking soda can play an important role in killing the mildew? Well, simply sprinkles it on your mattress and rub it on the surface with some clean and dry cloth. Baking soda will helps absorb the odours caused by the mildew and will let it become freshers. Do it overnight and vacuum your mattress in the morning.
  • Your detergent can also play a significant role in killing the mildew. Take two tablespoons of mild dishwashing detergent and mix it in a gallon of water. Try to produce frothy soap out of it by mixing it vigorously. Use a sponge and dip it into the suds. Leave the liquid. Take the span and blot it on the stains caused by mildew. It will kill the mildew. Then you can dry out the mattress.
  • It’s time to DIY your own mildew killer spray. Take a teaspoon of tea tree oil and mix it with a cup of water. Straight away spray it on the mattress. Allow it to dry. This is very effective in killing the mildew without leaving any stains or chemical fumes. Safe for kids as well.
  • Another DIY Mildew Killer Spray is to add 10 drops of essential oils of any scent – choose the one you like, 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil and two cups of white vinegar. Mix it and put it into a spray bottle and start spraying your mattress. The mildew will die and your mattress would smell good thanks to the essential oils.

It’s time to get rid of those mildew that had been hunting your sleep. Try these steps and start vanishing the mildew right away. Good luck!